About Our Project

The Digital Orchestra Project is a strategic partnership in the field of higher education and received funding from the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. It was created by four organizations from three different countries – Poland, Estonia and Italy. Three of our organizations are musical universities and the fourth one is an association. You can find out more about partners here.

We wanted to create an open-source educational resource database meant for use during Orchestral Studies in the educational process of musicians-instrumentalists. We prepared a list of fragments of musical pieces on which both the educational process and the future recruitment to orchestra spots are based. Pieces form this list were than record using a virtual orchestra and on that canvas we generated various versions of each piece for different instruments. In each of them the key instrument is muted allowing for the practising musicians to fill in the silence themselves. This way for example, a violinist preparing his part will be able to stop doubling recordings of the piece but rather download a fitting version of the piece from the on-line database and play his or her own part with the generated file in which only the part of the violin is muted.

Our Beliefs

We believe that this new method for individual practice greatly increases the effectiveness of the orchestral studies courses, which will allow to go through more material (more various pieces of music) during the course. Our tool can also be a valuable resource while looking for employment. It allows students and graduates to better prepare for recruitment processes for spots in orchestras and philharmonics.