Welcome to our Resource Database!

It is an open-source educational resource database meant for use during Orchestral Studies in the educational process of musicians-instrumentalists. We prepared a list of fragments of musical pieces on which both the educational process and the future recruitment to orchestra spots are based. Pieces form this list were than record using a virtual orchestra and on that canvas we generated various versions of each piece for different instruments. In each of them the key instrument is muted allowing for the practising musicians to fill in the silence themselves. This way for example, a violinist preparing his part will be able to stop doubling recordings of the piece but rather download a fitting version of the piece from the on-line database and play his or her own part with the generated file in which only the part of the violin is muted.

Our base:

  • is intended for students, candidates for students and graduates of orchestral studies at music academies
  • is to facilitate the process of individual practice by providing high-quality digital educational materials
  • contains materials for 13 instruments divided into 3 sections – strings, woodwinds and brass
  • includes excerpts from 61 pieces of music (28 for string instruments, 17 for brass instruments and 16 for woodwind instruments)
  • offers the possibility to download music tracks in different tempos and with or without a metronome
  • is optimized for use on mobile devices as well

Please choose your section and then your instrument. After that you will get a list of available musical pieces for that particular instrument.

If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ section.

The European Commission and the National Agency of the Erasmus+ Program are not responsible for the content and substantive content of the published materials.

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